Establishing a brand identity is extremely important and it all starts with an eye catching logo and visual promotional graphics. We make sure your image conveys the message you want to put out to your potential customers and doing so in style.


Custom marketing plan for your business utilizing digital resources like Social Media, SEM, PPC, content marketing, promotions and cross promoting. We utilize both paid and free forms of marketing to fit your budget.


All of our sites are responsive to all digital screens and are tested before launch to comply with Google’s  algorithm. We make sure your site’s aesthetics comply with its functionality.


If you have hit a road block in your business that is preventing you from taking it to the next level hire our expert consultants to do an extensive analysis to help solve the issues.

Alexis Calahan            James Toolen
CEO/Queen Bee     Co-Founder/Sales

 We wanted to start a business that would help other small businesses like us thrive. Thus, Callahan & Toolen Digital Services.llc was established in 2016 and is remotely based out of North NJ .  Our goal for all of our clients is to make sure they advance to the best of their ability, are up to date on the latest industry trends and make sure they know how to use digital marketing to their advantage.

A problem I see with  local brick and mortar businesses is that most of them either don’t have a website or it’s outdated. We want our clients to know that they have options and those options are available to them so they can make sure their businesses has longevity.  

-Alexis Callahan


“Ever since the launch of our website, Alexis has helped improve our brand new eCommerce site by making it easier for our customers to use through her vast knowledge and experience in creating and designing a website. Not only has Alexis improved the user experience for our e-commerce site, but she also improved our social media platforms. Alexis has improved all our social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat) by using content marketing. We are lucky and grateful to have met Alexis.”

Bryan Ko

CEO , Kohesion Clothing

“Alexis has worked with us on many different projects for many years. Ranging from digital marketing, SEO print ads, catalog designs and mailers. She also did our logo design and helped us brand everything from signs, to our company vehicles. When we first met Alexis our name wasn’t even searchable, now we come up on the first page in Google and she did it without any paid digital advertising. She really is great at what she does and was a contributor to our success, we recently opened a second location in Long Island City!”

Desiray Bibber

Operations Manager, Atlas Industries Co.,Inc.

“I have worked with Alexis on two prior projects and we are currently on to our third together. She is incredibly professional, dedicated and has excellent technical skills. In my business we develop new consumer products .She doesn’t just provide the technical support we need – she offers suggestions and strategies for maximizing our web and social media presence. Her suggestions are invariably well thought out and incredibly insightful. Her knowledge of current trends in the fast paced world of e-commerce is also incredibly helpful.”

Gina Super

CEO, Infinite Ingenuity


Don’t Sabotage Your Own B2B Marketing Efforts

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GASP! Your Site Isn’t Responsive?

So in case you’re new to Google’s algorithms then you should know they have changed it and are penalizing anyone who doesn’t have a mobile responsive site. This change has been implemented on April 2015, so if your site is not responsive then you’re already way behind!

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The Reality of Starting Your Own eCommerce Business

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“With every service we deliver, I am happy to say our clients always light up and it creates a spark inside of them that inspires an entirely new interest. Those that have been in business for years suddenly see the possibilities in where they can take it. I wholeheartedly enjoy the enthusiasm and new ideas that they have once they realize the full potential of their business. This is why I love doing what I do.”

-Alexis Callahan-CEO